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It's summer at the beach and hotter than seven hells

In my RPoL game, the characters are going toe-to-toe with the demon and his is already dead and the group just got hit with a serious fireball that left three of them in the single digits in hit points. Talk about thinning the ranks!

Plus, on a very sad note in this game > one of my players died about a month ago; not sure if it was cancer or some other physical complication. Certainly devastating for his wife and children.

My 5E game on Unseen Servant is still running; had another character death but still have four solid players; they are making a pact with the green dragon in the beginner's boxed set to find her stolen egg. Should be interesting.

I'm currently playing in more games than I believe I ever have before.
1/ 2E game > playing a female cleric of Tyr in Undermountain
2/ LL game > playing a female dwarf fighter
3/ 1E game > playing a baker turned magic-user...lot of fun
4/ 1E game > playing a female cleric of Trithereonin a horror-filled cult of the reptile game
5/ 1E game > playing a barbarian in sort of a sandbox version of the desert of desolation series > very fun so far if we all don't die of starvation

Every time I drop in I hope to find a game or two up and running. I wish this site could return to it's "glory days" back in the early to mid 2000's.

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