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Seeing that the wolf is clearly distracted, Aerius attempts to sneak from the tower in order to apply his longsword to it's exposed back. As he approached, his feet crunched some dried leaves loudly, and he saw the beast's ears perk. Luckily for Aerius, the beast was to occupied with the cleric to turn and properly defend itself from his attack. Lunging toward its defenseless flank, he burried the sword into it, deeply. As the monster fell to the ground to breath its last, Aerius withdrew his sword, and struck a bold pose, chest puffed out.

"No need to pay me, miss, first one's free." He said, half joking as he cleaned his blade off on the monstrous wolf's hide. Looking around, and lamenting the need to walk for the rest of the journy, he continued, "It's a pitty about the horses, though."

Move silently: 42
Attack: 19

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