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Hmm. Well something that's pretty easy, if perhaps not something people would normally think of, is Senea. She has a history of capriciously messing with memory and knowledge; something along the lines of "now everyone knows how to create food and water, yay!" would not be unusual for her to do.
Of course, the key word is capricious. This might actually work better as a very cruel red herring, a complete and massive waste of time, as there's pretty much no way to get Senea to do anything.
On the other hand, one of her exarchs or something could be of use. Many of her followers seriously focus on the "memory and knowledge" bits and ignore the "chaos" bits.

Other ways would be more generic. Perhaps coopting some ubiquitous magical object and using some "law of similarity," or creating massive amounts of schemas and a "scatter to the four winds" spell.
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