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Empire of Needles

I'm working out exactly what I want to run IRL, so that I can give my players a more exact pitch, and decide what, exactly I should spend all my time working on. I plan to call this game Empire of Needles: it will be full of badass and bee people.

We're going to run one adventure when our current campaign ends--hopefully that will be before the end of the year. If everyone has a good time, we'll extend this to a full-length campaign.

My idea for the first adventure:

Book of Locusts (Levels 1-4)
With its infrastructure crumbling under civil war, the Abeil Empire can no longer feed its populace. Former citizens and slaves alike starve to death, or turn to cannibalism in their desperation. The PCs, however, learn of a way to change this. They plunder an ancient library for some reason, and find a ritual book that can create food and water, with barely any expenditure of components.

But this alone won't end the famine: they need a way to distribute this information across the Empire, while fighting off those greedy enough to steal it, and those evil enough to destroy it.


I have no idea how the group is actually going to distribute the info. I'm actually hoping they think of something so clever that it gives me something awesome to improvise around. I really need to set-up a few hooks, especially in case they're stumped.
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