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"If she has contacts with the criminal underworld then she might be staying in a house somewhere, not an Inn," Nicos said as he picked up his bag and began to lead Blarth into the city. "Still it's not a bad idea, I can start working at the more disreputable establishments and see if I can contact anyone. Hell we're a fairly noticeable pair; she might even notice us first."

Nicos kept up a stead stream of chatter as though wound their way through the warehouses and onto the edge of a residential district, finally stopping before an Inn denoted by a wineskin next to a winding road.

"This is the only Inn I know well enough in Tradeholm," the bard said to his companion before entering. "It's not run by thieves so we won't have to worry about being robbed while asleep, but a word on warning; don't drink the ale."
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