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Instead of directly answering Blarth's query, Nicos launched into an improvised mimic of the conversation he just had with Shade.

"Shade," he began with an overly deep voice to represent himself. "I accuse you of being a murderer!"

"So I am," he replied in a bad mimic of Shade's voice. "And now that you have discovered my dark secret I'm going to run away, because that never gets old. Plus the sexual tension between me and Cadrius is becoming really annoying. I don't know why I don't just @#$% him and get it done with."

Noticing the lack of comprehension in his companions, Nicos explains in his normal voice.

"I noticed that Shade was cleaning blood from her sword tonight. Blood that - as far as I could tell - had no right to be there as we haven’t fallen into any fights over the past couple of days. Stranger still is that I would swear that the blood wasn't there before she stole our boat.

"You heard our argument; I accused her of killing someone to get it. Her exact reply was 'So I am.' Not exactly a confession but closer to that then a denial."

Setting a grim look on his face, the bard adds one last thing.

"And you didn't see the look of guilt that she got when I said it."
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