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The woman's eyes widened and she shook her head frantically. She was definitely spooked. She was pale and and perhaps in shock.

"Yes. And no! No... the police won't help. Claire went to them and now... now she's dead. Oh, god."

The woman shut her eyes and clasped them tight as she shaded a hand over her brow. Her body shook under the weight of memory. With a shuddered gasp she fought to regain composure.

"It all started two weeks ago. That's what she told me. She said someone was following her. Watching her. Going everywhere she went. I asked her to describe who it was, but she could never say, she never... never... never said anything. Not even if it was a man or woman... just a figure. I -" nervously the girl began to titter with a disquieting laugh. "I thought she was nuts. I really did. She called the police. They didn't do anything. Then in the apartment one night. All these symbols, written in blood she said. I went over to see... and it was true, symbols in blood - weird symbols. And we called the police together and they came... and then nothing. They did nothing. It was cleaned up and they told us they'd look into it, but we never got an answer. A-and and Claire she was going absolutely crazy.... she was shitting herself, saying she saw the figure all the time now, even when it wasn't there... y'know? Crazy shit... I thought maybe she'd written the symbols herself, that maybe the police thought it was all a hoax by her, or something... but then last night... Claire had been so afraid to go out and I really thought... I thought it'd be good for her to have a night out because she'd been so scared, so scared..."

The woman broke down for a moment and held her face in her hands, sobbing, leaving Ben to simply stare at her or continue attending to his coffee stain.
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