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Maeko wonders at the new-comer, she realizes how his self- assurance, bordering of arrogance, rubs her companions the wrong way, in fact, since he appeared, she keeps reminding herself that this is a different land, with different habits.

What the nun really was not expecting is Cadrius's reaction, yet, his attitude reminds her of something she cannot quite put her finger on; it is almost as if he knew the 'Paladin'.
Is it a name, a title, or what? He behaves like a samurai of a great house. But, from the stranger's reaction, they have never met before.

It is like he knows WHAT the stranger is, and he is expecting the worst...
Are there ronins in this land?

Itches speaks his mind in a very firm way, if the situation was not so serious it would have been funny to see him almost protective of Cadrius.
When he signals to Shade, Maeko too moves to follow.

Portrait Adoption

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