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The paladin looks at Itches with a smile that is almost -- but not quite -- patronizing. "Yes, I've been following the brutes since earlier this morning, when they broke into my campsite and stole my goods. Been chasing them since." He doesn't seem to have noticed Cadrius's statement, nor the looks that crossed his face. Then again, it's entirely possible that he did notice, but isn't showing it.

He takes a look at the bodies lying around, scanning each in turn. A scowl of disappointment crosses his face as he looks at the last one. "By Vecna's eyepatch, the beasts went and lost my supplies. Probably dropped it in the stream."

With a heavy sigh, and a glance skyward, he spreads his hands. He addresses the group. "I am not inclined to make myself indebted to others, but it appears that I may have to, for the short term at least. All I have to offer is my sword-arm, and my faith, but -- if you'd share your own supplies a bit further -- I will see that each of you makes it to your destination safely."

Smirking, he adds, "Of course, accepting would obligate you to reveal your destination."
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