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Oblivious to the Tension around him Itches keeps on talking to the man.

"Oh, that is a really big sword. You like big weapons donít you. You know I have only ever seen one other person use a sword like that. He was an outlaw, and an enemy of my Father. He tried attacking out Keep once, but my father fought him off. That was back when I was just a babe. It was many years latter that I actual saw him. My father and I were out hunting, and a man came out that was wearing armour that looked much like yours. He was a really good fighter, and none of out guards could stop him. It was only by working together could mu Father and Master Samuel stop him. They were getting the better of the outlaw, when he turned and fled. He got away, because they had to stay behind to look after the wounded. He never was caught again.

Oh and I think I know why they might of attacked us. Revenge. Some of their kind attacked us last night, and we," Turning Pale slightly Itches gulps. "Well they were fought off. Say did you say you had been following them all morning? Are you sure? They most certainly knew about that trap that, umm, was there. If youíre telling the truth, then they must have had this trap here for a while. I wonder why they would have a trap. Ah well I guess we will never know now, that they are dead."

Pausing to take a breath in what seems like hours, Itches pauses his prattle.

"Oh did I say that I had seen that type of sword before?"
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