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The warrior shrugs, then takes the sword back. He plants it, by the tip of the blade, into the dirt, then shrugs off the leather harness. One loop at a time, he begins reattaching the harness to the sword.

"My apologies if I do not reveal my name. I've been given far too many epithets to claim one of the lot. If you must call me something, 'paladin' will do.

"That beast had the unmoving fellow in his sights. I felt the need to... interfere with his aim."

He then takes the harness, with the sword firmly attached, and straps it back over his shoulder. This places the sword at an angle across his back, keeping it out of the way yet still within reach. He rests his elbow across the hilt.

"I'd been following them since this morning; why did they go so far out of their way to attack you?"
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