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The armored figure slowly removes the chains strapped across the hilt of his claymore, freeing it from his grasp. With the visor of his helm down, it's difficult to tell whether his concentration is on the chains, or watching the others.

He remains silent, which does nothing to help the tension.

Having freed his hand, he reverses his grip on the sword, so that it is no longer held in a menacing manner. With his free hand, he raises the visor, revealing piercing blue eyes and a tanned, oft-shaven face; his jawline, while strong, is marred somewhat by a wicked scar that runs from his chin to his right ear.

He slowly walks closer to Cadrius, holding the greatsword in a casual manner, with his free hand palm-outward. Cadrius sees no signs of traveling gear -- no pack, no waterskin; his only other possession is a medallion hanging on his belt.

A fist, clutching a bolt of lightning.

The stranger comes within a few feet of Cadrius, and holds the massive sword out to him. Not quite sure what to make of it, Cadrius takes the offered sword by the handle.

The warrior then turns around, leaving his back to Cadrius -- and, with one hand, indicates a series of metal-and-leather loops attached to a broad leather strap at his back. He finally speaks, in a resonant voice with a harsh touch -- as if speaking is an effort. "I'd like help stowing that, please."
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