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Chapter 3 - Hollow Victory

Before anyone can take more than two steps, their concentration is suddenly broken by the skrit of a weapon being drawn nearby, and the twang of a bow being fired. An arrow slices its way through the foliage, driving itself deep into a nearby tree -- well above the heads of the travelers.

This is immediately followed by the unmistakeable sounds of melee: a harsh cry of rage, the clanging of weapon on steel, and the crash of bodies slamming against each other. The tumult only lasts a moment, then stops abruptly.

During the silence, the question springs to mind: what the hell just happened? The silence hangs heavy in the air, refusing to provide an answer.

The silence is shortly broken again by the sound of something moving through the underbrush. Everyone tenses, anticipating a new threat. Hands move closer to weapons, and all eyes are focused in the direction of the breaking twigs and rustling leaves.

After a few seconds, a human steps into the path. His armor, composed of interlocking chevrons of steel, catches the light that passes through the trees unfiltered. The visor of his helmet is down, preventing anyone from seeing his face. A heavy war-mallet hangs from his belt, and an arbalest* hangs from a heavy leather strap on his back. A razor-sharp claymore is clutched in one hand, held in place with chains across his gauntleted fist; his other hand is bereft of weapon or shield, but is still occupied -- holding the corpse of one of the canine beasts over his shoulder.

The man stops, hefting the body with his free arm, and tosses it onto the path. The body is missing one arm and shoulder, but the remaining arm still clutches the shattered longbow that presumably fired the arrow.

The armored figure looks at the group, waiting for a response.

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An arbalest is a heavy crossbow
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