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Ellana peered at the runes as they glowed softly on the ground. It was a trio of distinctly separate shapes, each overlayed one atop the other. Each rune had these shapes in a different order, the order seeming to shift one layer between each set. They did not move or indeed show any sort of mystical might other than their glow, but Ellana was sure they were important.

Suddenly Ellana remembered seeing runes similar, if not exactly like, these runes. She remembered reaching out to touch them, gently caressing them with long, graceful fingers as she mummered a few words she couldn't recall hearing before. A rumbling filled the room as the runes winked out so suddenly it was as if the ground had swallowed them whole.

"What did you do?!" Pella's voice exclaimed as Ellana's fingers returned to her own, the rumbling sound growing louder with each passing second. Looking up Ellana could see a massive column of rock an dirt sliding down from the ceiling. Following its path she realized that, if it didn't stop on its own, it would crush Indigo's still unconscious form.


Not only caught off-guard by the boy's dust cloud tactic, but visibly unnerved by his words, the Dragon-blood only manages to barely place her smashfists in Morninglight's way. Catching the hilt with her wrists she manages to turn the blow away from her heart, but the daiklave still pierces through her armor and deep into her arm. Herald can feel it slice through flesh and bone, cutting muscle and snapping tendons as blood flies from the wound with the tip of his weapon.

The woman screams. She pushes Herald back with her good arm, just enough force behind it to make Morninglight slide freely thanks to the blood lubricating it. She takes a step back, a whimper escaping her lips before she cuts it off as her now useless arm dangles beside her, the blood flowing freely down it before dripping to the ground.

"Dragon's damn you," she curses, her eyes taking on a desperate hue as she glances around, arrows still falling around her within the golden grass. "Damn you, you can't be human. You can't!"

Tick 7

Before anyone can react, a massive rumbling filled the area. The ground beneath everyone's feet began to shake and rumble, as if a massive hand was struggling to remove the battlefield from Creation itself. Horses whinnied in fright and riders tumbled from their mounts as the world seemed to shake itself apart.

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