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When Herald's blade sank into the Dragon-Blooded with a sickening shkt, the sound echoed forth in his mind. As he twisted about in the midst of his landing, dust swirled conveniently to mask the look of shock that momentarily overcame him.

Blood. I hurt someone. How could I... Am I really a hero? Killing... is it right?

Without warning, the doubt was suddenly replaced. A thousand picture-less memories flashed before his mind's eye, illustrating scenes of shared experiences between his kind and that of his enemy. Strife, triumph, despair, sacrifice, honor - all echoed in a past unseen, unknown, and impossible, culminating with the bitterness of ultimate betrayal. He felt a presence deep within, majestic and true, and the haze of memory faded into clarity of focus.

"I am that which you once betrayed," he spoke with a deepened voice that felt storied with a past impossible for a child. Standing tall as the dust settled around him with his sword at his side, the young Dawn continued. "I'm the hero you could never be. I'm your worst nightmare, and I'll be the end of you. Face me, Dragon-Blood."

Herald charged the Dragon-Blood, drawing Morninglight across the earth in his path and upwards as his footsteps plodded in the dry ground. A dust cloud followed as the ancient blade's edge scattered the dirt, quickly filling the space surrounding Herald with an obscuring, choking haze. In the blink of an eye, Herald leaped from the dust cloud, Morninglight singing as it thrust forward towards the heart of the Dragon once more.

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