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Morninglight sung forth like a scalpel, seeking to cut the tumorous growth of the Realm one Dragon at a time, beginning with this one. While her thick armor of Jade saved the blow from being a fatal one, Herald could feel his weapon cut deep into her torso. Slicing flesh and bone as it slipped in between the gap between breastplate and arm, the woman howled in pain as blood spurted from her side. Using his momentum to quickly escape the wrath of her banner, Herald continue to put distance between them before skidding to a halt and twisting around to face his opponent again.

Tick 6

Hissing at the pain, the Dragon-blooded released Silver Wind only to shove her harshly and send her sprawling to the ground. With their Lady safe the archers began to open up again but the Fire aspect ignored them as they shattered harmlessly against her armor. Clutching her bleeding side for a second, she quickly assumed a defensive stance and focused on the young boy who had so grievously injured her.

"What in the Dragon's names are you," she spat out along with some blood, glaring with injured pride and renewed anger at Herald.

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