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As Ellana wrapped her fingers around the book, she half expected some mystical trap to activate and punish her for so greedily grasping onto the leather bound tome. Forturnately, no such event took place, but there was still a surprise when she hefted it off the writing desk. While it was only as wide as her own face, barely longer, and it's thickness suggested only a few dozen pages, it's heft was more suited to a vast tome of knowledge.

Cracking open the leather-bound cover she was surprised at the lack of dust and the telltale sound of creaking leather, as if the book was only a well worn storybook. Written upon that first page was neither title nor description, information nor anecdotes, prose nor poem. Instead unintelligible symbols adorned the entire page, following neither well ordered lines or even a discernible pattern that could be followed.

"It's not in Old Realm" Pella speaks up after several moments of silence. "It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before. Maybe it's code?"


The woman glances at her companions, whom Herald notices are all female as well, before turning back to the boy with a look of worried confusion. "Well if that's true you've picked a bad time to show up stranger. There's a Dragon-Blood over that hill doing who-knows-what. Lady Vilirith went over with the Arrows but--"

"Blossom!" A shout came from towards the hill and a man with a bow in his hands let loose an arrow back towards the black smoke. "Sakura says gets your gals over here and help!" The woman's face turns to one of shock as she hears this man's words. "But we got told--" "There ain't no time! That damn Dragon grabbed the Lady! She's gonna burn her alive if we don't DO something now!"

There was no hesitation upon hearing those words. Without even a glance towards Herald the 5 women instantly bring their horses about and begin galloping towards the hill, their weapons at the ready and the dust of their passage billowing around Herald for an instant before being carried off in the breeze.

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