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At the sight of lynch pin rune Ellana smirked, these types of wards always had a weak point, the trick was finding them. Fortunately, whoever built this ward had left the lynch pin rune out in the open. She'd have to remember this set-up, and avoid it in the future. Now, how to disarm the rune?

Ellana was pretty sure she could simply overpower the rune with her essence, but she wasn't quite sure about any after effects. Like opening a locked cabinet with a battle-ax, flooding the runes with her essence would open the lock, but it might risk the contents inside.

But power didn't have to be used for brute force, Selen had taught her that ages ago. Of course, now her power was much more literal, but Selen's lesson still held truth. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on funneling her essence into her mind, she wasn't sure how or why it worked, but it did. The glyphs made sense to her in a way that never did before, she could see how easy it was to turn off the barrier, like turning a key to unlock a door. Moments later the book was in her hands and she began reading.

That was the best plan we could come up with?

Seduce the wookie?!
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