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Ellana peered at the runes etched into the ground around the desk. With no visible aura being created by them, and unable to understand the specifics of their terminology, the young Twilight was unsure of what would happen if she attempted to cross them. Perhaps they were simply a barrier and would repel her, or perhaps some sort of enchantment would befuddle her somehow. Perhaps they would simply seek to kill her. Nor did the girl know if they were a one use effect, or self-renewing enchantments.

Still, the fact that she knew it was there and did something to prevent intrusion was enough for Ellana to get started. Slowly walking around the edge of the ring, Ellana began to scrutinize each symbol, looking for a weak spot or perhaps a magical keylock built into the ring. Simply flooding the entire network of runes with an overload of essence was--probably--possible, though the outcome was debatable and most likely dangerous.

Eventually she finds a rune that seems to function as the lynchpin of the whole set-up. Carefully studying it for another moment, she thinks that, if she can be quick and careful enough, she can disrupt it enough to cancel whatever effects the runes were doing.


16th of Descending Fire, afternoon

It had been a long four days of travel atop horseback, but at long last Herald was where he had been told to go. Well, almost where he had been told to go. Golden Plains was actually still a good half hour walk or so further, if the boys eye upon spotting the town on the horizon had been correct, but this was where Wind had dropped him off before galloping away.

Readjusting his equipment after getting his bearings for a second, Herald set off towards the town. He paused for a moment upon seeing billowing black smoke rising up into the air, but took comfort in the fact that it wasn't the town proper and set off again. As he got closer however something bout the smoke It wasn't enough for more than a bonfire really and yet it was a thick and heavy smoke more like that of a great inferno. As he crested a small rise he noticed five horses nearby, their riders armored and bearing large lances as they looked on towards where the fire was raging over another gentle slope. Even from this distance, Herald's newly empowered senses could still pick out a bit of conversation from the figures below.

"...said to stay here."
"But wha....eds help?"
"She's got...."

"Hey!," suddenly a female voice rises up above the others and one of the riders points their lance towards Herald and begins galloping towards him. "You there, hold it!" After only a few seconds Herald can see that it's a woman clad in lamellar armor, a sword sheathed at her hip and an angry expression on her face. Pulling up near him she holds her lance tightly but hasn't pointed it at Herald...yet. The other riders begin to arrive as the woman speaks to Herald. "Alright stranger, what brings you here? You reinforcements or something?"
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