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Paul stares out of the window as the chopper makes its ascent. He glances over at Mesmer's question and rises an eyebrow, "So far, with a few added exceptions, it seems what I think most specialized military training would be like. The emphasis hasn't been so much to follow orders without thinking like Basic, but rather be able to react quickly on one's feet. A distinction, I believe, to be motivated as much by practicality of solo operative tactics as ideology.

"The rest? I don't know what to make of it except I've been dreading it for the last month. It's the next step in the dehumanizing process, and, at least it my case appears to be working. When I Return I won't fear death, and will likely become used to pain, so won't hesitate to throw myself in harm's way. Further, it'll be pain I willingly subjected myself to rather than inflicted on me leaving me with no one to resent. It's almost as if this event was planned or Fated to coincide with this step of my development," he quirks a smile from the side of his mouth.

"Maybe both."

A shrug of his shoulders, "I guess time precludes the last logical step where we use our newfound abilities in tandem. Fortunately, the need for massive organized strikes are rare, no? Perhaps, there'll be time for it later at some point"
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