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Of course. I'll take her under my wing, assuming my wings work. I really don't know what state I'll be in. This kind of thing is very rare. I've only heard of two cases where naked Nephil have been able to peacefully reoccupy bodies...two cases in over ten thousand years.

The pilot waves Paul over. A moment later, mesmer, dressed in a black Nehru outfit reminding Paul of movies from the 60s, joins him. As soon as they snap their seatbelts, the bird lifts off like a fast elevator.

The cabin is remarkably well soundproofed, reducing the noise to the level of a typical airline cabin.

Mesmer slouches back in his seat, crossing his arms and letting his chin fall to his chest, looking at Paul from under hooded eyelids. He suddenly seems twenty, instead of timeless.

"What do you think of the training thus far?"

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