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"If you give up now, then that will be your legacy. For even that, I will always be grateful...and my gratitude is no small thing. But when you are faced with that choice, you must hold on to yourself and your commitments. Your love for your wife can be a powerful thing, if you remember to remember it. It is not the reality, but your perception at that moment that concerns me. Terrible wounds can make for terrible choices."

He steps away and turns around, placing his fists together behind his back again, below the embroidered dragon. The image seems to ripple slightly, and Paul has the distinct impression the dragon is looking at him. This one, however, has nothing in common with Puff.

"And you need have no fear of Death. Not being mortal, you are beyond his authority. You may Return many times, each time making the same choice. Eventually, most of us decide to leave hold of corporeal life and move on to what comes next."
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