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Not for the first time Paul is thankful for the mental dampening Mesmer put in place. Yet standing before the Elder face to face awash with Lilith's anticipation and excitement causes him to hesitate.

"Um..." he takes a deep breath so he doesn't blurt out everything at once like a teenage school girl. Paul forces himself to maintain eye contact despite feeling suddenly small, "Anton..." he shakes his head, "Mesmer, when we last met with Joan we asked her to help us deal with the untenable situation that we find ourselves in.

"She promised Lilith to help find a suitable host so that we try to separate lest we be stuck like this forever if it's not already to late. I...we..." fucking pronouns "just spoke to Joan on the phone and there's a young woman, a Jane Doe runaway, who overdosed that's 'been taken by Thanosiel' which I take to be clinically dead.

"Despite my reservations about the ethically of what has been proposed, I promised Lilith I'd try to do everything I could to help her. I don't know if that means that because it'll interrupt my training, I'll wash out. If that's the case, so be it. I have to finish what I started," Paul finishes firmly trying to convince himself to overcome all of his unstated doubts.

"Joan and Lilith would like you there. Will you help us?"

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