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Actually the fates are conspiring to solve the problem, I believe. Please telephone Joann first thing in the morning, would you? She should be awake at that time. I expect she will have some news tomorrow.

Paul wakes up at around 0425, expecting the usual alarm. He slips into his running gear and takes a quick pee.


Oh, yeah. That's right.

He phones Spann, and she picks right up on her personal cell number.

"Paul Hunting? Good morning, and how are you?"

May I?

"It's Lilith, Joanne," Paul hears himself vocalize. His own voice sounds strange to himself, especially as he's not controlling it. "I believe you have a candidate?"

"Yes, actually I have. A tragic case of drug overdose. She was a runaway, a Jane Doe. I have been evaluating her for any signs of a re-emergent soul or consciousness, but I believe Thanosiel has claimed her, despite the physicians' heroic efforts to reanimate her body. It is possible her family will show up, but I am making arrangements to have her declared DNR. If there is any trouble, I may have to request Anton assist in placating them. I am sure you will be able to persuade him to help." He can hear the amusement in Spann's voice.

"When should we arrange for the transfer, then?" He can hear - feel - the eagerness leaking through.

Spann pauses. "Hmmmmm...I believe the sooner the better. The longer she stays in this state, the more questions there will be. I will have her transferred under my authority. We can do the procedure at Stillewald. Shall we say noon today? If Anton is avaliable."

"I believe that can be arranged," he/she says dryly.

"Until that time, then." The connection closes.

I am sorry if this is too sudden, Paul. The lines of fate converged suddenly, and this is a godsend for me. The emotions leaking through to him are powerful, distilled, rich in longing for freedom and lust for life. I hope you are still willing to take the risk. I will do all I can to make it successful for both of us.

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