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Jiangu!, Chapter 6, Scene 3:4 Camping Again

Jiangu!, Chapter 6, Scene 3:4 Camping Again

Nimdor and Flarrgj continue to argue about confronting the ettins as they camp, waiting for evening when Gizerak can pray for new spells. So far this has adventure has had a very easy schedule. They travelled a little on the first day then rested, fought one battle and moved a couple of miles on the second then rested all day, and entered the palace on the third day, only to rest again for the entire day. They are starting to feel a little sluggish from the inactivity. They also feel very confined, since they have spent most of the last three days in hiding. This third long rest tries the patience of some members to the limit. Finally it is evening twilight and Gizerak is able to pray for new spells.

Someone give me Gizerak's revised list of memorized spells. What is he giving up to take silence? Any other changes?

DM Ruling: any more periods of rest other than sleeping will require will saves for the characters. If they fail they will be unable to restrain themselves from wandering, etc.