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Once the initial shock is over, a closer look at the newcomer is easy -- once you can get your gaze away from the shock of bright-yellow hair on his head, which doesn't seem to have been combed in a decade. Below that, his sea-green eyes carry a look of perpetual amusement, and he can't seem to keep a smirk away from his face. His facial features seem somewhat muted, but that may be because of his nose, which is easily twice as large as a human's, and bright red, as if he's been drinking too much.

He's decked out in an outfit of pliable leather, loose-fitting even though it has straps and buckles all over the place. A knapsack is carried over one shoulder, though it hangs a little loosely.

The gnome looks at everyone tensing up and offering statements of courage. As his gaze wanders over the whole group, a smile fit to take his ears in crosses his face, and he starts laughing out loud.

Tossing his scimitar to the ground, he exclaims, "Well, you're all just fit to be tied, ain'tcha? You'd think you just ran afoul of an orc raiding party!" Abruptly, his laughter stops, as he sees the looks on everyone's faces. "Wait."

He lays a finger across his bulbous nose. "You did, didn'tcha?"