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There is a considerable amount of tension in the small clearing as the group sizes each other up. Strangely, most of that tension emanates from those that haven't volunteered for a fool's mission. Cadrius and Blarth seem unperturbed by her news of just how dangerous an opponent they might face. Silence from Nicos and Laronar prompts the former paladin to explain his reasoning to Shade.

He made sense; they should at least find out what intention the goblinoids had. She frowns behind her veil, mulling over her decision. Before she has a chance to respond, a large bear wanders in and she freezes, hoping the creature goes on it's way without taking an interest in them. She is ready to put on a bold show to the intruder, should the need arise, in hopes of convincing it that this would be a difficult fight.

"Let us leave"

At the harsh whisper from Cadrius she stares intently at the beast for another moment, then nods once. If they left quietly things might not escalate. Before they have a chance to leave, though, a gnome enters the clearing - a gnome apparently on good terms with the bear. Surprised by his statement, she lets her hands fall relaxed to her sides -within easy reach of her blades- as Cadrius answers him.

"Aye, we might ask you the same. Nonetheless, we are travellers out of Karkas, merely moving through this area and wishing nobody any harm."