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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Any response is cut short by the bear noisily entering the clearing. Cadrius' muscles tense and he slowly maneuvers his way around the others, placing himself between his companions and the bear. Carefully and as quietly as he can manage, he frees his bastard sword and sets his shield before him. He makes no threatening move, instead steeling himself for the possible encounter. A fight with a bear, no matter how quick, would arouse the interests of any nearby orcs, or giants.

Yet the bear seems either unconcerned with their presence, or oblivious. Likewise Cadrius doesn't care why the bear isn't confronting them.

"Let us leave," he whispers, craning his neck to see the others.

Just then a short figure enters the small clearing. For a brief instant Cadrius mistakes it for a child, and the urge to rush forward and pull it away from the bear is strong. Yet as the diminutive man fully emerges from the brush, Cadrius finds that he's mistaken. It's a gnome, a reasonably well-armed one at that.

He would have to be, traveling this woods alone, he chides himself.

Somehow though, he isn't surprised when the bear reacts calmly to the gnome presence. Clearly neither the bear nor the gnome are normal.

Perhaps he was raised by bears? he thinks, not quite convinced of the thought.

Any chance of the gnome being raised by the bear is dispelled, however, when he sees the group and is surprised.

"Who the hell are you guys?"

Cadrius remains, the steel shield set before him, and the bastard sword held out to the side.

"We might ask you same question, [i]sir[/]," he emphasizes the title, uncertain of what to call a forest-dwelling, bear-loving gnome, "given that you are in our camp site."