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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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He raises an eyebrow at Blarth's courage but makes no move to dissuade him. Perhaps having one who understood their culture would prove useful. At the very least the burly half-orc looks capable of handling himself in a fight.

Are there any weak orcs? the thought brushes his consciousness. Likely not. A culture that brutal would probably kill those too weak to survive.

Cadrius allows himself an inward smile, as mysterious as Shade could be, sometimes her reactions were all too predictable. Of course the fact that his own behavior could be seen coming a mile away temporarily escapes the fallen paladin. Still, she doesn't offer to come with them and it troubles Cadrius. Clearly Shade isn't afraid of a few orcs; he wonders what could bother her so much. He doesn't have to wait long for an answer.

"I found something else. Back in the woods were the bodies of four guards and the horses that they must have used to pull the wagon. Judging by the tracks and the condition of the bodies our orcs have a hill giant with them."

The mention of the giant gives him pause. The orcs, depending on their number and training, could be manageable. The orcs plus a giant could prove difficult, perhaps even beyond their ability. Open combat, at least without some sort of plan, is now out of the question.

He is silent for a time before looking over at Blarth. If things go bad and they have to retreat the half-orc might be able to escape, but Cadrius in his plate mail will not. His best option would be to fight while the others get away. A noble, albeit foolish, sacrifice but a sacrifice nonetheless.

I shall deal with that foe when it comes, he thinks, unperturbed by the prospect. It wasn't death he had fought to escape back in Karkas, it was the manner in which he met it. The revelation gives him a strange sense of tranquility and he seizes it, holds it, grateful for the peace.

"If there are orcs, well trained ones at that, in these woods with one of the giant folk, then we would be well-advised to gather what information we can about them. They came within several hundred paces of our camp for tonight, they could easily come back. A giant and a party of orcs would be a tough fight even if we were well-rested and prepared, if they came across us in the middle of the night..." he trails off, not needing to finish the sentence.

"We do not need to fight them, merely to see what potential threat they are. If they look to be traveling back in this direction better to know now than when they are upon us."