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Her lips compress into a thin line as she looks between Blarth and Cadrius; of completely different appearance yet resigned to the same purpose - truly, a mismatched pair of bookends. As is her habit when agitated she loosens her blades in their scabbards once again. Her gaze flicks over the rest of the group, now silent, before returning to those two who are already preparing to leave.

"Well you won't find them easily without me."

Shade purposely doesn't say whether she's going with them or staying here, hoping that they dislike their odds. She sits a moment longer on her other bad news before she decides they might as well know what they were up against. Maybe it would dissuade them from their course of action.

"I found something else. Back in the woods were the bodies of four guards and the horses that they must have used to pull the wagon. Judging by the tracks and the condition of the bodies our orcs have a hill giant with them."

She looks at the others now.

"If you ask me, it's foolish to split up. And I think it's a fool's hope that anyone is left alive even though -by all appearances- they took some prisoners. What course do you wish to follow?"