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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Rather than making something light, but protective, Cadrius tries to make a fortification. Indeed, the amount of sticks and branches he uses look like they could serve as a barricade in a pinch, although he does abstain from sharpening any sticks to use as spears. Shade seems to humor him for a bit before correcting him, removing over half of his material. Blarth makes quick use of the extra and creates a shelter.

He's surprised to find himself nodding at her words. He had noticed the rocks, although he wasn't certain what they meant. Truth be told, he recognized their ascent more by the change in air than by anything else. Thinking back once more to his times as a squire, he recalls spending time on Mount Castor. They had trained up there, learning survival and combat in the wilderness. It was a chore to move at a quick pace, let alone suit up and spar, or go through any of the other exercises. He recognized the air now; it was beginning to thin out.

I should have paid closer attention, he thinks wistfully.

He raises an eyebrow at the sign of clear tracks nearby. With any luck, it was nothing serious, but he doesn't feel entirely comfortable having something wandering so close to their campsite.

"Do you need assistance?" he asks, before scowling at Nicos. The bard looks on the verge of making another comment about a tryst so he continues on, not allowing him time to speak.

"How many tracks did you see, Blarth? And were they footprints, or something else?"