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Shade spends the day working out her irritation by setting a difficult pace. If anyone minds, they don't complain about it which leads her to wonder exactly who it was she'd fallen in with. Cadrius, of course, wouldn't complain if he walked his feet off - he was far too stubborn for that. Blarth seemed resolved to do what everyone else did; she wasn't completely fooled by that, though. He had shown a good bit of initiative in dealing with Laronar and confronting Cadrius.

She'd pegged Laronar as a whiner early on, but he surprises her with the grim efficiency of his trek. Perhaps she had been wrong about him. Nicos wasn't quiet, but he didn't push her buttons either. That puzzled her a bit, but she wasn't about to question it.

When they finally stop for the evening, she is feeling considerably better. Paladin and his damned blade are still grating her nerves, but she has put them in the background. She eyes Cadrius' work as he attempts to build a shelter, smiling to herself at his inexpert construction, then follows his gaze as he looks to the stars.

"Perhaps you'll make a woodsman yet. I'd say you're right. We've risen quite a bit, too - did you notice how much rock was jutting from the ground today? We're nearly above the treeline, probably almost at the badlands those wizards spoke of. This Citadel isn't far off."

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