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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Blarth's comment causes Cadrius looks at the blade in his hands as if he hadn't examined it just moments before. What morning light can break through the rather dense canopy plays off the fractured sword. He holds it before him, gripping it with both hands, testing what weight it has.

"Yes, we should," Cadrius says, still looking at the blade, "but I would like you to carry it Blarth, if you are able. I am afraid that I carry enough steel, any more and I might start rusting," he says, a feeble attempt at humor, but any attempt by the fallen paladin is unusual.

With one smooth gesture, Cadrius rotates his grip with one hand, letting the jagged edge drop until it points at the earth one more. Extending his hand, he offers it to Blarth.

He turns to the others, making certain that each of them are ready before his eyes at last fall on Shade. She will be concerned about what's happened, and she should be, Cadrius is almost terrified by what has happened this morning.

"After you, Lady Shade," he says, extending his arm and using the title she had rejected when they first met.