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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius still remains silent as the others ask questions, content to finish donning his armor. He sighs as he fixes his vambraces and buckles his sword.

"It would appear Paladin is in some trouble," he says at last, an obvious statement but it was an answer to Shade's question.

He keeps his scalded hand tightly closed. Shouldering his backpack, he strides to the remains of their small campfire, the broken claymore still planted in the ground. Cadrius considers the sword for a moment, wondering if he'll receive the same burn as with the pendant. He reaches forward, this time with the unburned hand and grasps the hilt. Nothing happens. Cadrius exhales, not willing to admit he had been holding his breath, and pulls the blade free of the soil. It looks precisely as it had been when he last saw it, the blade broken under the impact of his own.

Cadrius holds it upright, the jagged edge of the sword pointing skyward and examines it. Perhaps it could be salvaged, or perhaps it would be useful in the days to come.

"Yet we have another obligation," he says hefting the sword with one hand.

"Now, let us continue before we bring a horde of orcs down upon us. No offense is intended Blarth, but I would prefer we do not meet any distant relatives of your's, not today."