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As twilight fell Ellana began to relax. This was always her favorite time of day. Memories of her and Selen relaxing after a days work (or study), watching the stars creep out, brought a smile to her face. Now if she could only get comfortable on the Marukan ground. Ahead of her the Lady Vilirith addressed the group, her presence just as imposing in person as it was from afar. Could this woman really help her? The rest of the field hands seemed taken in by her, and the two travelers she rode in with, the young boy, perhaps no older than Ellana, and the older woman simply sat back, almost impatiently...almost.

"First," the woman said placing a hand on her chest, "my name is Sylvia Vilirith, and I am the owner and proprietor of Golden Plains. All the horses and livestock here belong to me, as does the land. Now that doesn't mean I'm gonna be busting down your doors if y'all fail to pay rent or nothin', and you'll be paid a fair wage as I'm sure you've already noticed. What it does mean is that if there's a problem I'm gonna get involved and if you keep making major problems I'll drag you behind my horse and kick yer trouble making butt out myself."

After that little tirade is done, Sylvia let her expression soften a little. "Now, what questions do ya'll have?"

As Sylvia spoke, Ellana began to have her doubts. Did she really belong here? Lady Virilth seemed kind enough, and she did promise to help Pella, but she couldn't stay here. The other workers, the men from Thorns and the seamstress could settle at The Golden Plains, but she needed to get home, back to Selen. Ellana stood up, trying to ask if she should be part of the "important task" that needed doing, especially if she would only be here for a short while...while she got her bearings.

As she stood up, an orange, black and white shape darted between the figures around the circle they'd formed. With inhuman grace it leaped and landed on Ellana, hitting her squarely in the chest and knocked her back a few steps. "Meow."

"Mira!" Ellana gasped, "What are you doing here? You were supposed to stay with Hwen until I got back." The cat looked up at her owner and made a prrpt sounds before tilting her head to side. "Yes well, I know I'm late, but we're in the middle of something important." The girl shifted the cat into a cradled position on her arm, scratching her friend's head with her free arm. "I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise." Mira shook her head from side to side, and flicked her ears. "Fine you can stay here, but any trouble from you and you're going back to Hwen's house." Ellana said. The cat nodded and purred before leaping from the girl's arms to settle on her shoulder.

Ellana suddenly looked up, acutely aware that the rest of the circle was staring at her. Her cheeks flushed red, and she sat back down. Um...I'm sorry. She gets lonely if I'm away too long." she squeaked. "It is okay if she stays right?"
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