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Silver Wind sits cross legged among the grass, her weapons back at home and dressed in the more comfortable garb of her work clothes. She had spent the past few hours settling back in to her home, letting her people know she had returned, and catching up on some of what had transpired during her absence. It felt good to get back to something resembling her normal routine and she was eager for the morrow so she could get back to it.

But that was tomorrow, and today there were still some things that needed to attended to. Starting with these four new hires. First were the two men from Thorns, who looked enough alike that Silver Wind assumed them to be brothers. Black hair, strong physiques, and tanned skin spoke of how they were used to hard labor and they were still young, probably no older than 25 Calibrations. But both of their eyes had a haunted look, and their skin was a little too gaunt. If even half of the rumors she had heard from Thorns in the past few years were true then she marveled that these two men had made it all the way to her ranch, and she hoped they would stay so they could help them to recover from whatever ordeals they had suffered.

Next was the seamstress. Blonde hair and ice blue eyes spoke of a Northern heritage, but the rest of her was absolute Marukan. Silver Wind guessed her to be around her age, if not a little older, and her calloused hands showed she was no stranger to her craft. A valuable worker indeed, though the way she fidgeted in the grass and glanced back to the buildings told her that she didn't like working out in the fields.

And last was the runaway. Really not much more than a girl, the way she struggled with her legs told Silver Wind that she had just gotten to that awkward stage in life where her body was lengthening and filling out from a girl to a woman. Definitely pretty with her Lookshyan features and beautiful brown eyes, but her skin was pale and she didn't seem to have the body structure of someone used to hard labor. She hoped she wasn't the pampered daughter of some Legion general, though the fact that she had actually been out working in the field spoke volumes.

Four new hires, each valuable in their own way. Four people she would hopefully be able to bring into the fold of her community. People who could add even more life into her town, help it grow as it helped them grow in turn. People who could add their own roots.

People who she would have to make swear a terrible secret to her. A secret she couldn't keep forever, but could cause all of their deaths if it got out. But first things first. Silver Wind closed her eyes and took a deep breath, holding it for a second before blowing it through her lips.

"Alright," she said, tipping her hat up a bit so the others could see her face a little better. "Y'all are here 'cause there's something important that has to be done fore the day is out. However that can wait fer a bit so I'd like to answer any questions y'all have."

"First," she said placing a hand on her chest, "my name is Sylvia Vilirith, and I am the owner and proprietor of Golden Plains. All the horses and livestock here belong to me, as does the land. Now that doesn't mean I'm gonna be busting down your doors if y'all fail to pay rent or nothin', and you'll be paid a fair wage as I'm sure you've already noticed. What it does mean is that if there's a problem I'm gonna get involved and if you keep making major problems I'll drag you behind my horse and kick yer trouble making butt out myself."

After that little tirade is done, Sylvia lets her expression soften a little. "Now, what questions do ya'll have?"
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