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Sakura returned the smirk. "You should find him somewhere in town, near the stables."

Pella's voice suddenly rings out again in Ellana's head. "That woman with the white hair… She seems familiar." There's a pause as the three of them continue on toward town, then she continues. "Be sure to say hello to her soon. I think she might be able to help us."


The three continue onward, passing through the outer gates and into the center of town where the stables and grazing field can be found. More than a dozen people can be seen about, grooming, feeding, and otherwise tending to the horses and the stables themselves.

Silver Wind looks around for a moment. Suddenly, a firm grip on her right boot pulls her straight out of the saddle, and she lands with a surprised yell in the arms of a very large, bearded man. "You've been gone a long time, snowflake." he says, beaming down at her. He looks up, also noticing the strange companions she has brought back with her.
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