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The enchanted silverware performs it's duty under Blarth's entranced gaze. Shade watches with a bit less enthusiasm, though her stomach is certainly attentive.


She tries to keep the sarcasm out of her voice and is mostly successful. The half-orc is already hungrily eating the results of his experiment and Shade takes a moment to look around the room retrieving a plate and adding some bread, cheese, and fruit to it. The knives once again do their dance and she glances towards Blarth before taking a seat at one of the tables. Two decanters sit in front of her - one with water, the other wine - and she pours from the second as Blarth sits down.

The wine isn't bad, and she downs half a glass before nibbling at her bread, her eyes continuing to scan the room. They are the only ones present at the moment, and she wonders if they are early or late for dinner. The sound of amused voices accompanied by laughter pricks her ears up, and she recognizes the man's rich tone before he enters. It is, of course, Nicos though she doesn't know the red-headed woman he is with.

"We have company, though I'm not sure they'll be too happy about it."