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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius frowns at the sigil appearing on his door, but opens it nonetheless and enters the guest room. He wasn't certain what to expect; magically floating beds, windows to other worlds, or perhaps a water nymph in the bath. Yet what he gets is nothing more than a simple set of living quarters for whatever guests might frequent the tower. A bed sits in the corner, looking comfortable but not magically so. No windows adorn the walls, but he isn't certain whether or not they're above ground. A set of drawers rests against the far wall while a small table with a chair sits to his right bearing an inkwell complete with quill and parchment. Past the dresser, in the corner, lies a simple, albeit well-crafted, copper bathtub.

He drops his backpack onto the bed and goes over to the drawers, beginning to unfasten his vambraces. One drawer opens to reveal several fine silk shirts, each of a dark color. Pulling one out Cadrius' brow furrows and he attempts to discern whether these were left by a former guest or if they had been placed here for him. Unfolding one such shirt reveals that it is indeed tailored to someone his size. He can't imagine there are many wizards in the tower as broad at the shoulder as he. Clearly they had been expecting them. At the very least he acknowledges the courtesy of providing guests clean clothes to change into. Opening the other drawers reveals several sets of pants and breeches as well as a pair of soft leather boots and a pair of cloaks; one white with a gray lining, the other a mirror image, a grey cloak with white lining.

The armor comes off rather quickly while he considers the generosity of their hosts. There may be some that do not welcome their presence, but at the very least they know how to make their guests feel comfortable, if not accepted.

A banging from outside interrupts his thoughts and he moves swiftly to the door and stumbles into the latter half of Blarth's confusion. The thought of magical utensils doesn't exactly sit well with him, but he's unwilling to rule anything out while in this tower, nor make any hasty judgements. He might not like wizards, but they had yet to do anything to give him cause for quarrel. The least he can do is be a good guest.

"I think I will stay behind. Perhaps I can find some water for a bath."