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For Blarth the appearence of their wizardly host is certianly startling, and he nearly jumps out of his skin. However, he meekly follows as the group is guided to their rooms.

The forboding talk of Cadrius and Shade means nothing to him as he stands idly looking at the doors.

When are we going to eat? Oh! Wow! Those things on the door are neat.

His gaze arrested by the runes on the doors Blarth watches as they seem to shift and change. One moment they appear to be strange scribbles, but not stable ones. They are constantly changing shape, first they are elegant curves, then blockly lines and angles, then a seeming random mix of the two. Finally the squiggles over one of the doors settle into a form Blarth can recognize, a picture; the large single eye of Gruumsh with the three eyes of the seer on top. Looking at the other doors, Blarth sees a sword over the door Cadrius had gone through, its blade pointed downwards, but unsheathed; a sign of indeterminant purpose. Behind the sword the lines continue to move, at one moment forming a fist of lightning bolts and at others seemingly random configurations. The rune above Shade's door bear's two crossed swords, both pointing upwards, with a veil coverin their handles. The rune above Nicos's door is the most cofusing of all. It switches wildly from a harp to a fist and back again with other random sybmbols interspersed, seemingly unable to make up its mind.

In his distraction, Blarth doesn't notice as the others disappear into their rooms, until he is alone in the hall.

"But I'm still hungry," he says, to no one in particular. Well, the man had said that there would be fruits and bread in the refactory and he had pointed that room out, so Blarth figures its okay to go satisfy his hunger.

Making his way back down the hall, Blarth manages to find what he assumes in the refactory. The room contains two long tables, set with the plates and eating implements so common among humans. Near the back of the room another table, set back against the wall, has a bowl of fruit, on it. As he gets closer, Blarth also notices a loaf of bread and a block of cheese, both of which have a slice lying next to them along with a knife. His mouth watering at the sight of the food, Blarth grabs the slice of bread and cheese and quickly devours them. Going after an apple next, Blarth's hand freezes halfway to the bowl as he stares at a strange sight. The knives, which had been lying innocently on the table, have, of their own volition, begun moving, cutting another slice of bread and cheese to replace the ones Blarth had eaten. His eyes wide with shock, Blarth watches as the knives finish their respective cuts and return to their former positions. For a moment, Blarth can only stand in stunned silence, but then his faculties come back to him and he rushes back towards the rooms that had been assigned to the rooms, his hunger forgotten. Pounding on each door in turn, Blarth tries to explain what he saw to his compatriots, but his faculty of speach escapes him.