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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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"They did suffer his presence," he says, looking to Shade, trying to gauge her inner thoughts. "And I imagine the hills are likely little safer than the depths of this tower. At the very least we know our enemy here. I could do with a bath, a hot meal, and a soft bed. I would wager you could as well."

He looks to the room beyond and frowns. It hardly looks natural, the floor is too well paved to think otherwise, but the walls are strange. They're perfectly imperfect, looking as if a giant hand had swept through and created this room in its wake. Cadrius shakes his head and is reminded of the cool relations paladins and mages have. Fortunately for him, he doesn't need to worry about that anymore. It's one of the few upsides of having fallen out of favor with a deity. However, the thought of wandering about the tower unguided sets his nerves on edge.

"Then let us wait a while in this room. The wizards should notice us eventually."