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Chapter 6 - Secrets of the Brotherhood

Taking the state of Blarth and Cadrius respectively, Nicos tells his tale - quickly and cutting the details down to make it short.

"Moving on was the idea. It rubs me the wrong way to be sent out as a messenger boy, but I was sent out here to lead you to the Citadel. It's only short walk away, and you people look like you could use a rest," Nicos said some concern showing on his face.

Turning and leading them up along the path he and Shade had previously descended, the bard sets an easy pace for ten minutes, until he veered off the path suddenly, heading towards a cliff face.

"The path continues on for a while yet," he says absently. "But it leads to a dead end. The entrance is this way - I'm told it's not the main entrance, rather just a side one."

They walk for several more minutes in silence, progressing easily for the ground is surprisingly free of derbies, until they reach the bottom of a cliff. Ignoring the cliff itself, Nicos walks up to a large bolder, and motioning for the others to stick close behind him, slips between it and the rock face. Once everyone is inside, the Bard reaches over to the wall, and depresses a natural looking outcrop of rock before turning to the other and grinning, his teeth reflecting the light from behind them and giving him a slight inhuman cast.

"I wasn't told what would happen if we entered the cave without disabling the trap, but I got the impression it would be nasty. Follow closely now, it will reactive in a few minutes."

Entering the cave, the companions only travel for a few feet before they become aware of a light source around an approaching corner. Following it the small group find themselves passing through an open Iron wrought door, and into what is unmistakably a paved and empty room.

Looking at the multiple doors that lead away to places unknown, Nicos frowns.

"Well with no official welcoming party, I'll take it upon myself to welcome you. Welcome to the Hidden Citadel of the Brotherhood."

Turning and facing the other, a serious look covering the face, Nicos speaks slowly, as if he is carefully choosing his words.

"While we have a chance, and are inside, allow me to give you a word of warning. As far as I understand it, the Brotherhood isn't a united force. They have what are almost political factions, and it seems that one of these objects to having non-members, and more importantly non-mages entering their sanctum. They were debating over it, and challenging the people who invited us here, who it seems represent and entirely different factions. Just remember, most people here welcome us, or are at least indifferent to our presence. However a small amount are hostile to us."
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