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Lord, I don't think I was here long enough to really get deeply involved with the plot. I like that X was the Mechanic's VP, though. Nice touch.
X's ultimate goal (hinted at so far only through veiled comments to Wreck, such as "It's a lovely city... let's hope it's still standing tomorrow!") was to create enough anarchy (hence, arming the gangs, etc) to blackout New York and stage a breakout from the Stranglehold prison, freeing Rend - the unkillable mutant psychopath that murdered Verve's father, amongst 200 others.

I had conflicting notions as to why (like a lot of plots in the Centinels, it got revised every few months as new ideas came up in play)... but my current theory was that he had been hired to acquire Rend so that his regenerating tissues could be used to cure/rejuvenate a wealthy patron.

I am curious as to where you were taking the gov't's interference with Rob and Henry's companies. And, were Henry's lawyers ever going to be able to successfully challenge/circumvent the anti-vigilante laws?
The seizure of Rising Sun's assets was mainly a move against the Centinels; they'd only be interested in Blackthorne in as much as he was deliberately associating himself with the group.

Legal efforts wouldn't have produced much effect... Mr. Lizard's boss (who I don't think was ever seen or much referenced in game) was organising a nation-wide parahuman coup, attempting to unite all the vigilantes, mercenaries and freelancers in a unified Corp. The medical facility Quantum and Meteoric found on the US/Canada border (where they were intercepted by a couple of novas in mysterious uniforms) was part of that project.

Also, was Ms. Stone (it was Stone, wasn't it...the former second-in-charge of the CF before Henry came in) eventually going to stick around? Henry was trying so hard to be sincere about keeping her.
Probably, yes, out of spite to her former employers, if nothing else
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