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Abdul-Malik was reborn two years ago, by the will of the God-King. He was quickly marked and inducted into the Eternal Guard, though he does know why the Guard was so quick to claim him.

Unlike the other Deva, Abdul-Malik does not have access to his records in the Ancestry. For reasons he doesn't quite understand, his hands sometimes move on their own, he can often recall facts without context, and he discovers a hidden (yet temporary) talent nearly every day. His elders in the Eternal Guard are constantly testing him, training him, observing him. He is not allowed to freely socialize with other Deva, and his duties in the day-to-day activities of the Guard are limited. He leaves the monastery only at night, and only with a Guardian to guide him.

The Elders of the Guard often speak with Abdul-Malik, asking his opinion on many a complex and secretive matter. There are no divisions in the Eternal Guard--what the Elders knows the youngest Neophyte knows also. There are very few matters that are kept from a Devan Guardsman, and such matters must be quite dangerous for such sanctions to be placed. Generally these bits of information are magically scoured from unwanted minds, and then wards are placed and oaths are taken to prevent the knowledge from escaping.

Abdul-Malik's past is one of these warded secrets. It is claimed that there is nothing in the Ancestry about his previous lives, none of his fellows seem to know anything, and the Keeper is silent on the matter. Several times Abdul has stumbled upon a scrap of knowledge--a familiar location, a nostalgic passage in a book, a particular sort of day--but he has always found his mind blank and his mouth silent upon further investigation.

Abdul has manifested strange powers that no other Deva has ever expressed. His Guardian Mark is different from the standard tri-spiral mark of the Guard. He has no memory of his past lives. When he was taken to the Ancestry for the ritual of rebirth, his companions found that he could read each and every record, no matter who it belonged to. They quickly removed him and barred him from accessing the Ancestry without giving an explanation. Abdul-Malik is in no position to ask questions.

In all respects, Abdul is an outsider in the Eternal Guard. Amenable though his comrades may be, there has always been a hidden tension between Abdul and his fellows. The Keeper is the only one who treats him like a friend and true comrade.

Recently, Abdul was assigned his first task as a member of the Eternal Guard. His whole existence has been spent training to battle the foes of Lam not only on physical grounds, but in mental and spiritual arenas as well. His short life has been one long training regiment, and he cannot yet access the particulars of his previous lives (i.e. he's never used his Racial Power before).

Abdul is a highly calm, emotionless being as a result. He cannot tap into the passion and fervor of dozens of past lives like his fellows can. This has been both a blessing and a curse to Abdul and the Guard. On one hand, he is capable of dealing swiftly and logical with delicate or arcane cases. On the other hand, the fear of taint and the suspicion of the outsider hang heavily on his shoulders.

His story is just beginning, and only time will tell what lies in wait for him.

Spirit Companion

Abdul does not know how or why, but he has a spiritual jackal as a companion. He has had one since he was reborn, though he cannot remember if the spirit jackal (known to Abdul-Malik as Malachi) was with him in past lives. The beast comes whenever Abdul is in over his head, whether by leaping into the heat of battle or by nudging him along a certain path or warning him from danger.

Abdul has never let anyone know about Malachi, but he would not be surprised if the Eternal Guard new about the jackal all along.

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