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Feats & Features

Race Features
Astral Majesty (+1 to all defenses vs. bloodied creatures)
Astral Resistance (Resist Radiant/Necrotic 5 + 1/2 level)
Immortal Origin (Immortal subtype)

Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes

No Action -- Personal
Trigger: You make an attack roll, a saving throw, a skill check, or an ability check and dislike the result.
Effect: You add 1d6 to the triggering roll.

Class Features
Channel Divinity: Preserver's Rebuke (Bonus against enemies that hit allies)
Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead (Repel undead in close blast 5)

Improved Initiative (level 1; +4 feat bonus to initiative)
Invoker Defense (level 2; hit enemy within 3 squares with invoker power, gain +2 feat bonus to AC)
Resonating Covenant (level 4; use divine daily or encounter power, +1 to next at-will prayer before end of next turn)
Spirit Talker (level 6; Shaman multiclass feat)

Armour Proficiencies Cloth, leather, hide, chainmail
Weapon Proficiencies Simple melee, simple ranged
Implements Rods, staffs, totems

Languages Common, Celestial, Primordial

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