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Church 28th of June, 2013 23:16

(Very) Early Interest Feeler: Werewolf 20th Anniversary
Until RL has calmed down for me significantly I won't be running another game, but when it HAS I intend on making Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary my first new title. To that end, I thought I'd get this recruitment thread up early so that I can plan ahead.

I'll be looking for 3-5 players for this. The basic idea is to begin the game somewhere quieter like Manitou Springs, but with the chance to expand beyond it; alternatively, I may just set it in a city, if that proves to be more popular.

Ideally, I'd like players who like writing detailed posts. Kind of essential for an atmospheric game like Werewolf.

InThisMoment 29th of June, 2013 10:09


LynMars 29th of June, 2013 13:43

Hrm. I could be persuaded. I love W:tA. :)

Shoot me a PM if/when you're ready to go! I don't look back here as often as I used to, since I'm not in any active games at the moment. But with college and grad school being done, and days spent babysitting my nephew currently while semi-job hunting (yay no school in the summer so needing daycare), I have copious freetime. -_-

No tabletop gaming either, since moving. ;.;

I've been getting RP in WoW and my raid leader is running a PbP "Rise of the Runelords" Pathfinder campaign on our guild site. We've been playing since March (planning and chargen started much earlier!) and are on...Day 2. XD Lots of inexperienced forum RPers though, plus real life. It's not our old days of the Wired*Nun Cult, but hey. ;)

Church 29th of June, 2013 23:26

Okay, that's two. :) Feel free to offer up early concept ideas, folks - makes it more likely that someone won't nab your character type when I start moving on this.

Church 30th of June, 2013 23:09

My stroke-surviving mother is doing remarkably well, or appears to be; in the next few days I'll be getting a better picture regarding how things will be playing out, meaning that I may be able to take on this chronicle sooner than anticipated - perhaps in a week or two.

Players keep on joining should start discussing concepts as soon as they have them.

Church 3rd of July, 2013 00:15

I've made a request for the forum now. :) Time to get your concept-caps on, folks!

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