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Sheepmen 14th of May, 2009 05:49

Vera Hotel**IC**
Arriving outside the one ticket included valet parking, staring at the front door you can see that just inside past the lobby at reception room 1, there are two men standing next to the double door entrance No expense has been sparred to dress up the hotel, lavish flower arrangements, and other decorations fill the reception room. about ten feet in front of the double doors is a young woman sitting at a table, she is taking tickets of the guests and handing out bidding signs. You are not alone outside, it’s not long after you get out of the vehicle that other people are still arriving, and judging by the dress code there seems to be a small group headed to the hotel bar.

Fulmen 16th of May, 2009 02:42

Vincent heads to the door and presents his ticket to the young woman. "Hello. How are you doing this fine evening? My name is Vincent and this," says Vincent while pointing to Robert, "is my personal Art Assessor. He will be accompanying me this evening."

Sheepmen 17th of May, 2009 22:52

( Vincent )
The young woman looks at you, then smiles and says “hello Mr. Vincent, i am doing alright.” she checks down her list and that of your ticket and says “Here is you biding number, and your table number is the same.” (yours is 37) “but we cannot allow your guests into the reception room until the meal is over.” “But following dinner they are welcome to join you for the auction.” she glances down at her watch “the auction should begin in one hour.

(I am assuming Halleck will be joining this event because Robert asked him to come along)

Vortigern 17th of May, 2009 23:14

Robert has dressed for the event. His usual attire is replaced with expensive poshness, of the designer and custom tailored variety the like of which one must be swimming in money to wear. Additionally he wears a overcoat and carries a slender cane with an ivory handle shaped like a leaping stag. He gives a snide look towards the young woman, he turns towards Vincent with some annoyance on his features. "Go along. Apparently I'm unfit to dine at 'your' table." he says, dryness and sarcasm apparent.

Sheepmen 17th of May, 2009 23:35

the Young woman looks at Robert, you can tell she is well aware of Roberts opinion of what she just said. “I am very very sorry sir.” “it’s not up to me, im just checking off names, there is supposed to be assigned seating for the dinner portion of the evening which is why only so many people are allowed.”

Vortigern 17th of May, 2009 23:41

Robert quirks a brow, turning his attention back to her with what might a suprisingly warm smile. "Ah, my dear. I assure you there is no personal animosity between us. Cast aside such notions." he says with a confidence that speaks of being accustomed to having his way. "We may be friends yet." he adds with a conspiratorial aire. "Now. There 'is' something else you could help me with. Is Mr. Kett already arrived? And, ah, do 'you' have a dinner engagement this evening?"

Sheepmen 17th of May, 2009 23:51

The Young woman smiles at Robert, shocked for a second she says, “me? Dinner? No, no I don’t have any plans for this evening.” pausing again “are, are you asking me for a date?” still smiling, and totally unprepared for Roberts response. “umm Mr Kett has already arrived, he is seated at table 27, his bidding number is also 27."

Vortigern 18th of May, 2009 00:06

Robert smiles again, chuckling softly. "Indeed I am. I haven't given much thought as to where however. Only that I wished for you to be there. Where should you like to go?" he says. "And thank you. I have some business with Mr. Kett later."

Sheepmen 18th of May, 2009 00:14

She says, “all right.” “she lets out a faint giggle but it was just loud enough to be heard. Then she says “a lot of people have business with Mr. Kett” “I work things like this all the time and I have never heard of him before, and its like EVERY one has business with him. He must be a really rich guy who just moved here or something like that.”

Vortigern 18th of May, 2009 00:22

Roberts eyes widen slightly and he seems mildly surprised. "Indeed? Hmm. I may have some competition then. Do you know who? I will need to make him a counter offer soon. And I'm staying at the RitzCarlton. They have an excellent restaurant there if you would care to join me after the auction?"

Sheepmen 18th of May, 2009 00:46

“ok that sounds good, my name is Donna.” she says still keeping her focus on Robert, however now there is a few people in line behind Robert. An older gentlemen wearing a custom tailored black suit and matching bowler hat with a woman under his right arm who looks to be in her early twenties says. “Excuse me Sir, would you mind moving along some of us would like to get in.” but undisturbed by the mans request Donna says “I am not sure of exactly who.” She seems rather hesitant to answer fully

(manipulation + persuasion/or subterfuge +1 for her being interested in Robert)

5Solas 18th of May, 2009 08:39

Halleck watched and listened from a distance in the parking lot as Robert and Vincent pumped the unsuspecting young lady for information concerning Mr Kett. While it seemed that she didn't know much about him as a person, he was indeed there and they even got his table and bidding number. Nodding to himself, the Seminole began walking around the side of the hotel, looking for a side or service entrance. He knew that there would be security there due to the art auction but where there was a will, there was always a way. Besides, he knew he would have no luck getting in the front without a ticket as Robert barely was accepted and Hallek knew that he had neither the charm nor the inclination to try.

Fulmen 18th of May, 2009 09:53

Vincent leans into to Robert and whispers, "I'll try to keep an eye on Mr. Kett at dinner. Perhaps we can get a seat near him at the auction." With that he leans back out and gives Donna a wink, "You two have a good time." He then heads inside for dinner.

Sheepmen 18th of May, 2009 23:29

( Halleck )
You round the corner of the building, the hotel was much bigger than you first expected it to be, but at last you are at the rear of the building, you have passed other doors but all of them require a key card to gain access. Now at the back side of the building you can see there is a catering van and a few men in white cooks clothing unloading food and cooking equipment, you can also assume the man wearing a suit holding the door is hotel security, you do notice there are only two cameras motoring the back entrance, you can clearly see where the gaps in the coverage are, looking at the situation, you count three men unloading the van with one older portly man supervising and then the one guy holding the door. Your sure with some careful maneuvers you could get up to the van unnoticed or perhaps one of the loading dock doors, there are three in total. But the unused ones are closed, but you are not sure if they are locked. Also looking up you can see there is some kind of elevated patio, and that could be the pool area, and if that’s the case it could have direct access to the upper levels of the hotel. But you cannot tell if anyone is up there or if it’s even unlocked, but the lights are on. it is three stories above the loading dock, however the building surface is grooved so it could be climbed.

Option 1
Sneak to the van (stealth + dex)

Option 2
loading dock doors (stealth +dex +1 for extra darkness)

Option 3
Climb the building (Strength +athletics) must make 2 successful rolls
In the event only 1 success is rolled a stealth check must be done. (stealth +dex – the old guys perception check)

Option 4
Improvise something else
There is always another action. So feel free to do what you wish.

Sheepmen 19th of May, 2009 00:11

( Vincent )
You are now past the two lumbering door men, and inside the reception room, you can see men and women in white cooks outfits scurrying about delivering food and drinks. There are quite a few people out of their seats congregating by the back left of the room looking at pictures of the items up for auction. Several other people are over at the bar, (which is free) and you can see a few people following signs that says smoking area, which leads to a set of stairs leading what you would guess is up. You do a quick scan of the room, you spot a fellow dragon, Fay Hoffman (Ordo harpy). She is over by the bar. You also spot what you think would be the invictus table, sitting among others at that table is Stylis Montanu (zone 5 Regent), and Veronica O’day (Invictus harpy). As for you target you do not spot him at his table, but his seat does look disturbed as if someone had sat there, also there is a black leather briefcase sitting on the table but you cannot be positive it is Mr. Kett’s. you are 50/50 about it.

5Solas 19th of May, 2009 13:00

Halleck looked at the situation and crouched down in a shadow to weigh his options. While the delivery van and doors seemed like a good possibility, the chance for discovery was too great and to be seen before even entering the building would not be the way to start the evening off right. While he did enjoy pressing his luck, he wasn't stupid.

Shifting his gaze upward, however, provided much more promise. An elevated pool overhung the roof proper and those doors would not be locked and would also gain him access to the upper levels; security was completely focused down and not up. The only question was if anyone was enjoying a late night dip. Looking between the catering van and the wall, Halleck made his mind and slung the pack around his shoulder to better balance himself. Taking a firm grip, the Seminole tested the construction for firmness and suitability and once satisfied, with a rapid movement began shimmying his way up the wall...

Sheepmen 19th of May, 2009 21:35

( Halleck )
Up and up you climb, looking down at the van on they are none the wiser. At last at the top you peer over the side, you can see that several tiki torches are lit and a few flood lights are on, the pool is not currently open, but does have water in it. Looking toward the torches you can see three men talking and having a smoke. There isn’t much darkness up on the patio with exception to along the building leading to the men and the door. You would figure they are about 30 feet from the door, facing away from it. you’re not sure but one of those men could be Mr. Kett, you would need to see their faces to be confirm. at the very least they are all in expensive suits, but what ever they are talking about seems to be important.

Vortigern 20th of May, 2009 04:17

Robert makes light of her hesitance with a hand wave. "No matter. I can ask him myself later. Now, if you will excuse me, I'll not keep you from your work. Very nice to meet you Donna." he says, inclining his head towards the girl slightly.

Then he steps outside, moving off to the side of the entryway. Slipping his cellphone out of his jacket he begins dailing. [ My intent is for him to contact his friendly neighborhood invictus big-wig guy. ]

5Solas 20th of May, 2009 12:57

Halleck climbs the wall easily and upon reaching the pool areas, stops short so that only his eyes are above the floor level. Only three men seemed to be outside and the pool was deserted, making his entrance easy. The fact that they were smoking and looking into bright lights disturbed their night vision all the more making his quick pullup and crouch in the corner that much less noticeable.

While nothing really caught his attention concerning the three partygoes (besides the fact of them being outside meant that the doors were unlocked), they were talking loudly enough that it made him want to stay and listen. As he did so, his gaze fell upon one of the men and it seemed that he might indeed be the Mr. Kett that the Doctor and Robert had spoken of earlier.

Minding the shadows, Halleck moved closer to the group to better easedrop on their conversation...

Fulmen 21st of May, 2009 08:06

Vincent moves his way over to the bar and leans against it so that he can keep an eye of Mr. Kett's table. "Hello Fay, how have you been?"

Sheepmen 21st of May, 2009 21:39

( Robert )
You are now outside, and mostly alone, no one seems to be paying any mind to your presence. The phone rings, then rings again, just when you are about to give you up you hear a faint voice "hello, Mr Millers residence." "O hello, you must be after Mr Miller, hold please," a few seconds pass. Then a rather noisy group of men who seem dressed for the auction pass by you. All though their conversation didn’t sound incriminating, As they pass you get a strange feeling about these men. Your can’t put your finger on it. But you remember the feeling was that akin to trouble. They were not Kindred but something raised the hairs on the back of your neck. As they begin to enter the hotel, your almost forgot about the phone. But suddenly you hear “hello? Are you still there?” “this is Paul Miller” “how can I help you this evening?”

( Halleck )
You inch closer in to the men talking, now with in ear shot you can hear quite well and your only about 5 feet from the door, but it is currently closed. There are two tables with umbrellas between you and the three men talking. You still cannot see their faces but during you eavesdropping you over hear one of the men say “now look here Mr. Kett, I don’t care what you think you have but at that price I want proof before I pay. And I don’t care how much money it’s worth.” Who you now are sure is Mr. Kett says “well to each his own but all the same im selling this tonight to the highest bidder. And remember if you snooze you lose.” (You get the sudden feeling they are about to leave)

( Vincent )
Now at the bar you have a great position and angle to his table, there are currently three people still sitting at his table still, all be it Fay is about 6 seat away from you, however giving up this spot would mean much less visibility on the table. Fay turns to you smiles and says “Why Vincent I never expected to see you here, what a wonderful surprise." "What brings you here, you never did strike me as the art collector type.”

The bar keep seems rather interested in Fay, he seems to be attempting to gain her attention, as she is rather visually appealing, you get the feeling she is well aware of that fact.

Fulmen 22nd of May, 2009 01:59

Vincent nods at Fay's statement, "That is true, I'm not much for art, but I am here with some... friends of mine. I was also told a Mr. Kett was here, however I haven't seen him yet. Have you seen him around? I have a business transaction to make with him, and once I heard he would be here as well I figured this would be as good a place as any to take care of it."

Sheepmen 22nd of May, 2009 04:49

( Vincent )
Fay seems to perk up when you begin to talk about Mr. kett “really!!” “what sort of business does a club owner have with a pawn shop owner?” she gets up from her seat to move much much closer to Vincent, nearly sitting in your lap, but still staring straight into your eyes she says “we both know he’s not just a poor, unclean middle class nobody.” She takes a quick glance to see who is within ear shot, “so really what do you want with him.” Closer still, she moves in, her scent is intoxicating the air around you so much so that you cannot look away. She casually flips her Golden Blond hair behind her, then places her arm around your shoulders “we can help each other, we may even be after the same things, I don’t know if you know but sharing is what friends do” “so let’s be good friends, and I need a date for this evening to keep the dogs away, would you mind?”

Fulmen 23rd of May, 2009 04:09

Vincent sighs a little bit. He doesn't really want to get more people involved in this. She is Ordo however, so maybe he can trust her. He sits silent for a moment, looking at her. "Alright, you can play too I guess. My business with Mr. Kett is more to appease my curiosity than anything else. Truth be told I hadn't even heard of the man until yesterday. Certain people are very interested in him, which I thought odd giving that he is a 'simple' pawn shop owner. So, I have taken upon myself to have a chat with him this evening as I have a feeling he will be interested in what I have to say. It is obvious he is more than a pawn shop owner, but I have no clue what exactly he is. Can you fill me in on the details? And what is it that you are after with this Mr. Kett?"

Sheepmen 27th of May, 2009 01:55

( Vincent )
Fay grabs onto your arm, then stands you up and says “alright, walk with me.” She points with her free hand quickly, as to not draw too much attention. “see that vile temptress over there.” “her name is Veronica, she is here for much of the same reasons you are, but don’t be fooled she only cares about herself and her play thing Stylis, he is sitting next to her, puffing on his overpriced cigar.” You both are walking toward the binders with photos of the items up for auction, but at the moment no one is around you. “Since you are such a wonderful friend, I will share with you what I know about Mr. Kett.” She presses her body closer to yours as you walk, but your overall pace slows some. “he’s selling something tonight. I don’t know what it is but a few people do, see that man over there in the glasses holding on to his rain coat.” Your gaze shifts to the man Fay is describing, he is a medium build African American, wearing a black tux. “he works for some sleaze magazine, and he is here to buy." "But he is a cunning devil, And wouldn’t tell me anything.” She sighs. “look over at table 8, the two men there also work for similar companies.” She turns you around so your facing back toward the room. “see the man over by the window talking on his phone, he is some kind of insurance agent for Hollywood.” “he too is here to buy whatever is for sale.” She gasps, you feel her grip tighten around your arm. “the nerve, look over at that wench Veronica.” “you know she’s pumping that guy for information. I hadn’t had a chance to find out who the Asian guy is but im sure it’s too late now.” The look in her face is that of total disgust, almost as if someone had just slapped her in the face. “be careful of her, she will do anything to get ahead, she will even use her body to appease the stupid kine, if it gets her what she wants.” You Spin around again, and walk over to the binders, she begins to flip though them. She says, “ah hah.” Displaying several pictures of a painting called Serenity sunset “all of the buyers have stopped and looked at this picture but I cannot figure out why.” "I don’t know if they are supposed to buy it or what.” Upon examining the painting, it is an oil work done of two horses roaming free though wheat grass, in the background of the painting is a picture of a church and a mountain range and some trees Turing colors as they would in fall.

Giggling to herself just loud enough for you to hear she says “ok take a look over at table 14, see that large muscular looking guy wearing the suit that’s like two sizes too small for him, well im not supposed to say, but his code name is Alpha. I don’t know too much about him other than he works for Brant, who is a dear dear friend of mine.” “so don’t tell him I told you.” “but he is here to for insurance and protection.” if I need him, he will handle any problems I get into.”

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