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BigRedRod 1st of July, 2003 05:57

OOC Chat
we need one of these bad boys
so here it is

remember keep the IC thread free of any just ooc comments or any particualry length ocmments

other than that

feel free to post whatever in here

BigRedRod 1st of July, 2003 06:34

very tired now

i'll finsih up all this in the morning and maybe get hte prologue posted

don't pay too much attention to anything that seems odd, I copied all the stuff from one of my other gamnes (except the religion thing) so it may contain relics to my other game that just don't apply here

Altohugh I should have pointed out that as per usual, I'll be using my insane familiar rules :)

tyckspoon 1st of July, 2003 10:30

Good lord character sheets take forever to type out..background coming whenever I gather together the inspiration to type out another four paragraph post.

Tilus 1st of July, 2003 10:47

By the way, I'm no longer "for sure" to be in this campaign.. like I said elsewhere, my familiarity with 3e D&D is next to none. So far for another campaign (Daggers in the Night) I've already burned 2 days searching for info, 2/3 of a day typing up a character sheet, and another half a day correcting errors on said sheet.. and since it hasn't started yet I don't even know if it's anywhere near the character image I had in mind, or if my character will be effective at all. Because of this I've remembered why I despised D&D's character creation system with a passion.. My confidence is very low right now. XD

That doesn't mean I'm absolutely not going to be in this campaign, it's simply I'm not sure when or if I'll gather up the time and the motivation to spend another full day or so on yet another character sheet when I don't even know how well the first works.

tyckspoon 1st of July, 2003 11:00

ey. We'll help ya through it as best we can, ya know. Anything in particular you're tripping over, or are you just unsure how to create an effective D&D character?

Tilus 1st of July, 2003 12:37

Well, besides 7th level starting gold (might as well tell me the formula for Xth level gold while you're at it), I think I've made enough mistakes the last go around to get a pretty firm grip on the basic rules and concepts. And it's not like I'm a total newbie at roleplaying - I've been doing it for almost 8 years now - and I have familiarity over the races, classes, and the concepts behind them..

I guess that yeah, my biggest problem is meshing them all together into a solid and effective concept under the 3e rules. Maybe I've been watered down too much by BESM.. XD

tyckspoon 1st of July, 2003 12:46

7th level gold is 19,000. I don't know the formula, if there is one. Haven't tried to spot it.

SponkleofInfini 1st of July, 2003 15:16

Stick with it, the more you make character the more proficient you will get. In short, persevre :)

SponkleofInfini 1st of July, 2003 15:18

Also BRR, do you have any info on the geography of your world. Just need to know some stuff for my characters background. Perhaps some historical facts aswell :)

BigRedRod 1st of July, 2003 16:49

geography is coming soon, i.e. hopefully today
I may make a seperate history thread too, or it may just work itself in with geography as some things will be better explained on hte spot

Tilus, feel free to bug me for help with your character, 3e can be pretty damn confusing the first few attempts at characters you make, you just need practice with the system

oh and Tyckspoon, could you re-jig your sheet so it looks nicer please?
Sponkle knows how I like so copy his format if you want, or just break it up with bold and colours or whatever

TheDruid20 2nd of July, 2003 02:04

Ok I will be thinking about my character at work... But currently shooting for human female, prob wizard doing both loremaster and summoner is BRR don't have a problem with that...

BTW yoru famalair rules are about as complex as my psionic crystal rules...

BigRedRod 2nd of July, 2003 02:08

sounds fine Billy

Yeah, my reasoning was as you won't need to actually summon a familiar often sod simplicity :)

I'll have to go to your games and take a gander at psi crystals then :)

TheDruid20 2nd of July, 2003 02:34

Its not posted anymore, but essentially you can choose to perm spend PP to make it better...

BigRedRod 2nd of July, 2003 05:51

Well I got nothing like the amount I tohught I would today

I have one of the maps done
The second should arrive tomorrow, and hopefully all the details, but as I know I'm gonna be busy for at least hal;f of tomorrow I don't know how much will happen

bear with me kids

tyckspoon 2nd of July, 2003 09:12

Sure thing, BRR. I'll go fiddle with it. Sorry bout that, I'm pretty disorganized when I'm not using a real character sheet.

tyckspoon 2nd of July, 2003 10:11

Your familiar rules really aren't all that far out, Rod. There's something similar in one of the supplements, I think..the f2f game I'm currently playing has two improved familiars. One of them can breathe lightning three times a day and isn't a standard type, the others a rat who can go ethereal. Both of them permanently see invisible.

BigRedRod 2nd of July, 2003 17:20

thank you, that's super!

I hadn't heard anything aobut a published set of strange familiar rules
any idea which supplament?

tyckspoon 3rd of July, 2003 12:08

Don't know, but I'd bet on the sorcerer/wizard class book.

BigRedRod 3rd of July, 2003 16:43

are we just talking about the improved familiar feat here?
I thought there was a big crazy system somewhere else too :)

BigRedRod 3rd of July, 2003 18:48

Well the summoner PrC is up
I'm tempted to bang up the CRs a little
not in total
but just squeeze it up
so it starts with CR 1 rather than CR 1/2
mainly as it seem a bit dissapointing to start with a celestial badger, granted it gets +2 HD and all the benefits that may go with those HD increases, but I think 1 would give a little more scope :) on the geography section continues...

tyckspoon 4th of July, 2003 10:15

Probably, but what the heck. The things my group have done seem pretty similar to the stuff in your system, in parts. Yours randomizes it..I think Improved Familiar lets you choose what you want to stick on.

hmm. About the CR's of the summons: Perhaps instead of advancing one of the normal summon options, a High Summon could summon a creature of CR up to the casters level at the time of the binding? Or you could combine the two approaches. That would generally be about one and a half times stronger than the standard list, I think. Of course, there'd have to be a limit on what CR a High Summon of a particular level could obtain..maybe something like
High Summon 1: Up to CR 1, may be advanced by 1 HD
High Summon 2: Up to CR 3, may be advanced by 4 HD
High Summon 3: Up to CR 6, may be advanced by 9 HD
High Summon 4: Up to CR 8, may be advanced by 12 HD
5: CR 12, advanced 15
6: CR 15, advanced ..
well, the progression I was trying for gets a little insane at the higher levels.

tyckspoon 4th of July, 2003 11:34

Shouldn't there be a couple more character sheets here? Tilus, Druid, I'm looking at you..:angry:

Tilus 4th of July, 2003 13:13

I've been a little busy with other stuff, and my motivation's been lacking, but I'll have mine done tomorrow. I promise. XD

BigRedRod 4th of July, 2003 16:23

I quite liked the current idea with it's dual progression

you have another creature of higher CR at each (but the first) level and an opportunity to advance each existing creature

The only reason that HD advcanement is there rather than just beefing up CRs was to try and give the summoner control over the growth of his monsters, so that they were more a reflection of him and what he wanted

The current idea also linked the high-summons with the original summon monster spells, altohugh I supposeif I'm tweaking the potential list to include anything (rather than just natural outsiders) I shouldn't be afraid of working with CRs

BigRedRod 4th of July, 2003 16:24

as for character sheets
usually I'd be poking you players for them by now

but as it stands I haven't finsihed geography, so any sheets will most likely be missing the background, so I'm not gonna hassl e anyone until I'm done . I can't be that hypocritical :)

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