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elmer_jok 16th of April, 2008 19:26

Chapter 2 - (General OOC)
And if ya'll want to talk to each other between threads...

Linklegacy77 17th of April, 2008 07:43

la la la

Benicus 17th of April, 2008 08:00


LeadPal 17th of April, 2008 08:02


elmer_jok 17th of April, 2008 12:17

The other two new threads coming tonight. Working on them as we speak.

LuneMoonshadow 18th of April, 2008 08:35

LeadPal: Your character sheet confuses me, but I'm wondering what exactly you're getting from the fire-blooded bonus. On your sheet you have listed:

"Racial Bonus Feat (Dodge)" but above that it says "Dodge (lvl 3)"

Likewise, at level four, you have: "Mobility (lvl 4, bloodline bonus)"

But the fire bloodline doesn't grant mobility until level 12, and that is if you're intermediate, which you're not since you're level 4 and not 3/1. You don't have any intermediate bonuses listed either.

So if you're minor fire bloodline, then all you really have is +2 tumble checks, which you have listed. So where did Mobility come from?


Benicus: You have too few skill points. Even with an intelligence penalty, you get a minimum of 1 skill point per level.

elmer_jok 18th of April, 2008 09:12

Intermediate causes you to devote a level at 6 I believe, not 4th... that's major bloodline.

LeadPal 18th of April, 2008 09:13

Quoth the LeadPal:


Originally Posted by SRD
If you already have a feat that a bloodline provides as a bonus feat, you may choose a different feat. For example, the minor celestial bloodline grants Alertness as a bonus feat at 8th level, If a character with this bloodline already has Alertness by the time he reaches 8th level, he can choose any other feat instead (subject to normal prerequisites, of course).

Sonomi took Dodge at 3rd level. At 4th level, when she would have gotten Dodge from the bloodline, she took Mobility instead. When she reaches 12th level, she'll take something else instead of that. Jok is also correct about the level, except that Major makes you take another level at 3rd, not 4th.

LuneMoonshadow 18th of April, 2008 10:25

Yeah, I did make the mistake on the level. Didn't know you could take Mobility when you already had dodge, I thought it was just wasted. Interesting.

Benicus 18th of April, 2008 10:35

Meh, they're just skill points. Not like I'm going to actually *need* them or anything ;).

Fix later.

Linklegacy77 18th of April, 2008 12:26

Can we just assume that since we have no idea exactly what Niki is doing, that she's out nuking monsters, winning, and earning xp?


LuneMoonshadow 18th of April, 2008 14:36

Or maybe catching pokemon.

elmer_jok 18th of April, 2008 15:31

Niki is busy enthralling the inn's residents with her bodacious body!

We'll actually be picking up just where we left off in the next post I address. My promises have seemed to be half hollow at best lately so I won't even promise when this will be. I will hint at the fact that I have nothing else to do tonight though.

Catching pokemon would be fun in this setting I guess.

"Hey! I'll fight my red dragon pokemon vs. your pit fiend pokemon!"

LeadPal 19th of April, 2008 08:07

Some mistakes I found on your character, Ben.

It's not clear which of your weapons are Medium and which are Large. Remember that Large weapons cost and weigh twice as much as normal. (I don't think you can afford a large greatsword, but I don't feel like totalling your gold). And, don't forget that as a dwarf you can use a dwarven waraxe instead of a battleaxe.

Making a couple of assumptions, I believe your attacks should read:
-- MW Greatsword: +9 (2d6+6, 19-20*2, 5ft)
-- Dagger: +8 (1d4+4, 19-20*2)
-- Large Battleaxe: +6 (1d10+4, *3)

Don't forget to add +1 to all your saves from Divine Grace.

Maybe you should write out your dwarf traits so you don't forget? Stability, in particular, could come in handy.

Benicus 19th of April, 2008 08:39

Yeah, the battleaxe is large. Forgot about that. I'll put in the stats for Dwarven too if I can afford it as well and I'll put in the +1 from Divine grace because I believe I forgot that too.

I'll copy/paste the dwarf traits from the SRD later too.

Also, check the sig :D.

elmer_jok 19th of April, 2008 17:50

Congratulations on the new job. Best of luck with that.

LuneMoonshadow 20th of April, 2008 17:36

So are we going to get updates anytime soon?

elmer_jok 24th of April, 2008 16:03

Oye vay. My apologies. My apologies. Internet fiasco and a half. At least I was still able to work on everything, just not post it. I'm copy-pasting now. Add some polish, then update your thread. Continue working on Benicus's thread and bing, bang, BOOM!

elmer_jok 24th of April, 2008 19:37

All Chapter 2 Threads posted except Benicus's. Update for Xitri and Rune coming next, followed by Benicus's thread.

LeadPal 25th of April, 2008 10:58

Hey hey, my language colours became official!

Don't forget that Susaliyan = Blue, and Thoughts = Italic Gray. And Exposition = Default. ;)

LuneMoonshadow 27th of April, 2008 06:33

Can I (or you) make an expendables thread to keep track of spells, hp, etc? Easier than editing the main sheet every time I cast something.

LeadPal 27th of April, 2008 07:57

You think so? Myself, I don't like looking in two places to see one character's stats. Different strokes, I suppose.

elmer_jok 27th of April, 2008 08:46

Yes, I can make an expendables thread.

elmer_jok 1st of May, 2008 21:22

I just downloaded a mapping program thanks to Lune and am trying to figure it out. Fully colored and Gridded maps coming soon, hopefully.

Benicus 2nd of May, 2008 03:33

Does von Magnusson not get a thread? :(

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