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Church 12th of March, 2013 21:40

Forum request

Please could I get a forum to run my Star Wars game on. The information you've asked for is as follows:
  • The name of the forum is "Edge of the Empire";
  • The forum description is simply "A Star Wars Roleplay campaign.";
  • I have three players right now, Cairo, Rale, and hopeless, but am still planning on recruiting one or two more (from on-site or off);
  • And I'd like to request two sub-forums - the first is called "Player Characters", and the second is called "GM Threads" (and this latter one would be restricted to myself, if possible).

Thank you! :) This time, a virgin sacrifice is included (and she's extra virgin-y).

itches 12th of March, 2013 22:08


Church 12th of March, 2013 22:29

Woo! Thanks! :D

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